Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Every now and then I stubble across a review for one of our Drumfish Productions titles. I love finding them and have to admit that the ones for BUGGED are always very cool. I recently saw this one for BUGGED, written by Jim Lesniak and done by a magazine called Morpheus Tales, which appears to be a horror genre magazine. The review is interestingly written and positive! I'm glad they liked the work Teyo and I did!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


These cards of Templar from SENTINELS were drawn by Luciano Vecchio​ and were part of a trading card set from David Ryan's War of the Independents comic series. I have a bunch of them and I'm happy to mail a card out to anyone who wants one. All you have to do in return is post some kind words on our store site for one of our books or products. Just go to the store, pick somehting you enjoyed and comment on it. Then message me your address privately!