Saturday, October 29, 2011


A while back I posted about the DC Fifty-TOO blog. It was set up to feature different artists interpretation of what their n#1 of a DC Comic title would look like (In conjunction of their big relaunch). The blog got some great buzz and amazing talent involved (of which myself and Jamie Fay were honored to be involved with). Well, now the blog is featuring the same sort of thing, only now with Marvel characters in a "What If..." theme. I didn't have time to do something for the project this time, but NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay, did.
Anyone who knows Jamie or meets him at conventions, knows his appreciation for X-Men and more specifically, the female characters of the books. So, when given the chance, Jamie jumped at doing his version of a "What If..." cover. He took the most recent storyline in the X-Men titles, the "Schizm" saga (which ultimated divided the X-characters between taking sides with Wolverine or Cyclops) and added his own twist to it by dividing the team into male and female characters. Since Jamie is a master at drawing the female form, it was a dream project for him. Take a look at Jamie's entry into the Marvel "What If..." project at and read about Jamie's vision for the team there.
In the past, I predicted big things in the future for SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio. And now he's drawing Ben 10 for DC Comics and something else I'm not at liberty to talk about. But he's hitting the big time and I'm so happy and proud for him!!! Well, the same goes for NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay. Mark my words, one day soon I'll be posting great news about him and hopefully reporting that he's drawing one of the X-books. Marvel needs to get him on a book asap!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


These amazing Munny statues of Harlette from SENTINELS and Samanya from NEVERMINDS were done by Charles Holbert Jr.. Charles name might sound familiar to SENTINELS readers because he was the artist on Harlette's story in the 1st SENTINELS Anthology. I've always been a big fan of Charles work and keep waiting to read about him drawing Batman or some high profile book for DC or Marvel soon. It'll happen! I know it. In addition to being a talented artist, Charles also does these super cool Munny figures. I LOVE what he did with Harlette and Samanya. Aren't they cute too? lol. Please check out more of Charles work here (or in the 1st SENTINELS Anthology! lol). Thanks again, Charles!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy for me. There was NYCC and then Mid-Ohio Con a week later. I've never done back to back shows, so it was exhausting (or I'm just old now, lol). On top of that, I've been working my real job and running around getting other projects and things done. So, I haven't had much time to post a blog entry.
NYCC was such an amazing convention. It was truly one of the best shows in a long time. On the flip side, Ohio was an odd show. The first day there was really great and looked like it was a big success. Then the second day was the complete opposite. Weird. But we met some cool people and got to see the sites a bit. So, even though it was an event filled two weeks, it was great.
I have had a ton of sketches to post from the last four conventions that I really need to show off soon. Then it's back to work on NEVERMINDS, BUGGED and a 2nd SENTINELS Anthology (yup, we're definitely doing one, but still getting things lined up). But I wanted to write a quick something tonight and say thanks to all the amazing people we met at both NYCC and Mid-Ohio! We haven't had this much fun in a long time and it's all because of you folks! Over the next week, I'll be catching up on the sketches by other artists I got, then I plan to start showing more previews of what we've been working on, make some announcements and also share some of the cool books that I've been enjoying that people might not know about. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The 2011 NYC Comicon was this weekend and two days later, I'm still exhausted! The show this year was four days long and they zoomed by. I can't even begin to talk about how crowded it was, let's just say it was HUGE! I also don't think I've sold more at a show than this past weekend. It was a big success! Books, prints and original art were selling quickly and I was also getting asked to do more commissions than usual (see the pic of them with this post). I even had to turn a few down because I didn't have time. Each day I had to bring back more SENTINELS and NEVERMINDS copies and it was awesome! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our table. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. But we're not done yet, this weekend (October 22 and 23) Jamie Fay and I will be at the 2011 Mid-Ohio Con. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello. We'll be in Artist Alley at table 915!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'll be at the 2011 New York Comicon this weekend (Thursday to Sunday) in Artists Alley at table T-12 along with NEVERMINDS artist Jamie Fay! We'll be selling copies of SENTINELS and NEVERMINDS, prints of both of our art and doing commissions! Stop by and say hello if you're at the convention!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here is the four and last new print I will have for NYCC next weekend. This was colored by colorist extraordinaire, David Delanty . He did an amazing job! Check out more of David' work here! Thanks so much, David!

Green Lantern © DC Comics

Friday, October 7, 2011


This is actually an older sketch I did during my "sketch a day" project, but I thought it held up well, so I asked the talented colorist of NEVERMINDS #2, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre, to color it for me. I think she did magic to it as she did with my Phoenix pic. Thanks, Danielle!
Captain America © Marvel Comics

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We're proud to announce the winners of the 2nd Drumfish Art Contest on DeviantArt! We had a great turnout with 24 entries that made it really difficult to judge. And here are the winners....

In first place we had a tie!
Samanya from NEVERMINDS by Stephane De Caneva.
You can see more of Steph's art here.
Serpenta and Phazer from SENTINELS by Sean Izaakse.
You can see more of Sean's art here.

In second place:
Firebomb and Phazer from SENTINELS by Joman Paras Mercado.
You can see more of Joman's art here.

In third place:
Alanis from NEVERMINDS by Gavin Michelli.
You can see more of Gavin's art here.

HUGE thanks to all of the artists who entered the contest! You all did amazing work!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our second Drumfish Productions Art Contest on Deviant Art has officially ended!
We really can’t express how happy and proud we are of all the entries that were submitted.

For our first contest, we had 8 entries submitted. For this second one we had a whopping 24 entries! Unbelievable!!!
All of the artists made us feel so great with their work and before we announce the winner, I thought it would be nice to show all the entries here on the blog. Each and every entry was amazing and each of them showed something special to us. I think about each of the artists who submitted and I want to thank them all for their time and dedication. I know how hard it is to sit at your drawing table and begin creating on a blank piece of paper or look at a blank screen on the computer and begin to design. It’s tough! But each entry showed what true artists they all are.

It was great to see others become inspired by our characters and have fun with them. We are truly impressed by all of them and each of them have, in turn, inspired us to be better creators and artists!

Deviant Art is a great place for artists of all levels to interact. We are the past, present and future of creators there and can all learn from each other. If you’re a creator and not on Deviant Art, you should be!

Soon, we will announce the winners of the contest (as soon as we have all finished voting, it’s a tough choice with all these great entries!) and we will then contact all participants and post the winners! HUGE thanks to all the artists who entered. We hope they had fun! See all the entries below this post!