Monday, November 28, 2016


Today I begin a new chapter in my artistic journey and launch my first webcomic, KOWA!
For over a year now, I've been developing and working on this and I'm really excited to get it out in the world.
It's an all-ages, free online comic that I hope everyone will enjoy and relate to, regardless of race, sec, age or sexuality. 
I know it's going to be tough and that I've never done anything like this, but I love a challenge! My goal is to post a new page each week (on Tuesdays). Written and drawn by me, I'm joined by the uber-talented, Ihor Loboda, on colors. I love what he is doing and I couldn't do this without him! I hope you all reading this will join me and share the comic with everyone you know. I'm nervous, but also proud to start this project! The website has started (with more to be added soon!) and the first page is up. Check it out (and bookmark the site!) at 


I'm happy to announce that issue 8 of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is available for digital download on Comixology! This latest issue completes what was originally Book 1: Footsteps of the the SENTINELS ogn series. The issue is full of revelations and action! Written by me (Rich Bernatovech) and drawn by Lucaino Vecchio, we're joined once again by Ihor Loboda, who brings amazing new life to SENTINELS with his incredible coloring. Please support and check out this issue at

Friday, November 18, 2016


We love working with new artists/creators and especially love the DeviantArt community. We still believe it's a great place to showcase your art and surround yourself in a positive community for all artists. As such, we have held a few art contests for Drumfish Productions on there to help support that community. And we're happy to announce that we're doing our 6th Art Contest for Drumfish Productions on there now! So, if you're an artist and want to join in or know any artists that you think might be interested, go check out the details and share the info on the contest!! We've always had great response to our contests and we're excited to see what people come up with this year! Best of luck to everyone!

Monday, November 7, 2016


As the launch of our free all-ages webcomic, KOWA, approaches, we're jumping back into showing some of the characters from the series. Here are Kowa's parents, Ahtan and Naira. Athan is the leader of the tribe. Strong and focused, his most important goal is to protect his family and tribe frm anything that might harm them. Naira is calm and compassionate. She is the mother of three and often the voice of reason among the tribe.

Ahtan and Naira (c) Drumfish Productions
Art and Story by Rich Bernatovech.
Colors by Ihor Loboda