Sunday, November 30, 2008


A few posts back, I posted about the Fanboy Awards that are going to be presented at Megacon in February. At the time you could do a write in for your favorite writers, artists, titles, etc. But I was told by someone who tried to go vote that they seem to have changed that . You only have the choice etween a few nominees now. Oh well, it doesn't seem like SENTINELS is destined to get any kind of nomination in any awards. Thanks to anyone who voted or tried to. We really appreciate that. There's always the next project to hope for. Hopefully we'll have NEVERMINDS done in time for next year and try to submit that.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


This sketch of Templar was drawn by Becky Cloonan at the Big Apple Con. I'm a BIG fan of Becky's work and she was one of the artists I was really looking forward to meeting at the Con. I first saw Becky's work on the Vertigo series American Virgin. It ran for 24 issue and was a pretty good read, but it was really the art that drew me to the series. Becky has a unique style that I really like. It's kind of a realistic/manga merge that reminds me a little of Luciano Vecchio's work. Meeting Becky, she was exactly how I thought she'd be, very nice and happy to answer questions. I was surprised when I asked her how much she was charging for sketches and she answered free if you buy one of her books. I was planning on buying her self-published MINIS anyway, so I thought that was really cool. So, I got MINIS and a free sketch! Cool, huh? Becky is currently drawing DEMO, another Vertigo series. I highly recommend it and all her other work. Check out her site at .

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Steve Mannion did this sketch of Rapture for me last week at the Big Apple Con. I saw Steve's work and knew he'd do an amazing job. Perfect fit, huh? Steve has worked on such titles as Batman: Black and White, Batman Gotham Knights, Tales From the Crypt, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Satan's Circus of Hell, Strange Pirate Tales and Warlash: Dark Noir. Steve is also the writer and artist on THE BOMB (which has been described as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" meets "Mad Magazine") and was recently released as a trade by Asylum Press. I think Steve's rendition of Rapture has a great mixture of cute and sexy. It was also cool having him draw her, as this Con seemed to be one that I got a lot of villain sketches at.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here is one of my favorite sketches I got at the last Con. It's one of the lesser known characters from SENTINELS, Hamlet, and I think that's why I like it so much. The artist is Chris Moreno and when I happened to see him sketching away at the Con, his art really caught my eye. I looked through his work and after talking to him for a bit, I realized that he was the artist on SIDEKICK. SIDEKICK is an awesome book that I really enjoyed. I highly recommend it, especially if you looking for something different and funny. Chris has also drawn Dracula Vs. King Arthur, another great book with a completely different style and tone. I knew Chris would draw something unique for me, so I gave him a copy of SENTINELS and let him pick who he wanted to draw. His choice of Hamlet really surprised me and I think he did an amazing job on him. Next time I see Chris at a Con, I'm definitely getting another sketch from him! Check out more of Chris work at .

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yet another sketch from the Con last week. This time it's Stitch drawn by Chris Giarrusso. Chris is the writer and artist on Mini-Marvels. Mini-Marvels can be seen in a lot of different Marvel books and it's kind of their counterpart to DC's kid line of books. I really like Chris's style and even though i usually let artists pick who they want to draw when I commission them, I asked Chris to do Stitch. I think it worked with his style and came out great. Definitely check out Chris's website at and see all the cool stuff he's done.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here's another one of the sketches I got while at the Big Apple Con last weekend. This time it's Silver Owl by Andy MacDonald. I was really surprised by Andy's choice of Silver Owl. I usually tell artists to just look through one of the SENTINELS books and pick whoever they want to draw. I think the sketches come out better that way. By not assigning a character to them, they pick one that they will enjoy drawing more. Hence my sketch comes out better. It's funny, but at this con, three of the artists picked lesser shown characters to draw (I'll be posting the rest soon). I have gotten sketches from Andy MacDonald in the past and he is one of my favorite artists. I always tell friends to seek him out and they always end up loving what he does for them. I don't know why Andy hasn't crossed that bridge to work on a mainstream Marvel or DC book yet, but I know he will. Andy has been drawing the Indie comic, NYC Mech for a few years now and his art is amazing in it. Check out to see what I'm talking about.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I went to the Big Apple Con here in NYC this past weekend and got some pretty great sketches. I didn't have a table at this con because I hate the way they run the show. But I went to say hi to some people I know and get some art. The first person I hit up for a sketch was Sean Chen. Sean started drawing comics at Valiant and worked on X-O Man of War, Bloodshot, Rai and Harbinger. Then he moved on to Marvel and drew Iron Man for a few years and also Wolverine and Elektra. Most recently he drew X-Men: The End. Sean is a super nice guy and really fast. I think he had my sketch finished within an hour. Just looking at it you can tell he didn't rush either. I love his interpretation of Firebomb.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


As we continue to work on NEVERMINDS, I'm trying to show bits and pieces here on the blog. Here's something done by colorist Rey Arzeno that I think is funny and shows how we're trying to put in little extras throughout the book. In the unfinished panel with this entry, you can see one of the characters in our story (Gavin) wearing a shirt with a face on it. Sneaky Rey took the face from the SENTINELS website and the back of SENTINELS Book 2: Masks. It's was my bio pic that we used. It was done in about ten seconds by me when we were on deadline and I needed to get the pic done. Little did I know that years later it would come back to haunt me, lol. Curse you, Rey!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't believe I started doing this blog a year ago. But I did. And even though it hasn't always gone as I had hoped it would, I've enjoyed doing it. I feel bad that I haven't been posting as much as I did in the beginning, but that's mainly been because everything I'm working on is still in progress. Sorry about that.
I'd like to ask (if anyone is still checking this, lol) what has been good and bad about the blog. I have registered a new site name and hope to get a Drumfish site up early next year. This blog will be part of that, so input would be appreciated.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year Megacon is holding their first ever Fanboy Awards. Like an idiot, I forgot to put the word out and get SENTINELS nominated, but hey you can always write in SENTINELS for favorite Indy title. Write in votes count! So, go fill out the form. It seems like it'll be a fun award thing and anyone who is interested in voting should check it out at: .

They doesn't seem to be a whole lot of what I consider Indy titles nominated (ex. Walking Dead and Invincible are not really Indy in my eyes). I'm really looking forward to Megacon in 2009! I had a blast at the last one.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here's another panel from NEVERMINDS. It's hard to show too much without giving away too much of the story, but I figured since I posted this panel a while back in line art that it would be good to show the finished color version. Jamie and Rey are kicking but on the art!