Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It's been a while since I posted something new on here and I thought I show some of the recent panel prints I've done along with colorist extraordinaire, Ihor Loboda. In no particular order, here are Kitty Pryde (with Lookheed), Northstar, Flash, Star Sapphire, Black Canary, Spider Women, Vixen and Spider Gwen.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


We're very proud to announce that the next issue of the re-visioned and colorized (REDUX as we like to call it) version of SENTINELS is now available for digital download on Comixology at http://bit.ly/1zBjq0l
This issue has new art and text throughout as well as a new cover by series artist Luciano Vecchio and introduces our new colorist on SENTINELS REDUX, Ihor Loboda! Please welcome Ihor to the Drumfish Productions team and check out the amazing new visual dynamic he brings to the book! We love it and think you all will too! Here are some preview pages and comparison pages from the issue. Cover art by Luciano and Ihor in homage to George Perez's original JLA vs Avengers cover.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


To help celebrate the holidays, we're having a week long sale on all of our Drumfish Productions titles! The entire set of SENTINELS is on sale for only $40! The first four issues of NEVERMINDS are one sale as a set for $15! And our original graphic novel, BUGGED, is on sale for only $10! These prices do not include shipping, but will make it to you in time as the perfect gift for anyone who loves independent comics! Order through our website at http://goo.gl/1KA6Si 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WOW!! It's been over a month since I posted on the blog here and I apologize for that! I have to admit that I went into complete burnout from all the conventions in September and October that I took a much needed break. NYCC was the last show we did and it was AMAZING!!! I hope to share some of the possible opportunities that were created there for us soon. But, in the meanwhile, we're very proud to show the cover for issue for issue #5 of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS! The issue is what was originally chapter 5 of the first SENTINELS trade (Book 1: Footstep) with some new art and text by Luciano Vecchio and I.
And starting with this issue, we're very excited to announce that the extremely talented, Ihor Loboda, will be the colorist on the SENTINELS re-releases! You can see just from this new cover that Ihor brings an entirely new energy and look to the SENTINELS! We can't wait for everyone to see it. Prepare to be amazed! In the coming weeks, we will be posting some comparison pages for the issue and will post a link when it's available on Comixology!
In the meanwhile, enjoy this amazing cover by Luciano and Ihor and give Ihor a BIG welcome to the Drumfish team!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The 2014 New York Comic-Con (NYCC) starts tomorrow and I’ll be in Artist Alley along with NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay at tables N14 and N15! I’ll be selling copies of all of our books (SENTINELS, NEVERMINDS and BUGGED), have all of the Drumfish figurines and be selling original art and prints. Jamie will also be selling original art and prints, in addition to doing his amazing commissions! Last year he booked up fast, so get to him in the beginning of the day if you want something. It’s well worth it!
I’m also very happy to say that we’ll be joined this year by SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio!! Luciano is making a return visit to the U.S., just in time for NYCC. And he’ll be spending some time in Artist Alley with us, doing a few commissions each day and signing SENTINELS books! So, for those of you who would like to get your copies of SENTINELS signed by Luciano or get a rare commission, this is your chance!
And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the lovely Meredith Grace cosplaying as Nina from NEVERMINDS on Friday! It’s going to be an amazing show! 


I really wasn't planning to draw Donna Troy as one of my panel prints right now, but I was inspired to over the weekend. I was also lucky enough to get the talent Ihor Loboda to color her for me. This will be my last new print in time for NYCC this weekend!  :)

Friday, October 3, 2014


I'm way behind on posting things here on the blog and that's because so much is going on at the moment! NYCC is next week and SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio, is visiting! So, I've been busy preparing for the show and Luciano's visit. 
Here are a bunch of new prints in my panel art style that I've done. I love doing these when I can find the time. It might not look like it, but a lot of though goes into the design and placement of the characters. I want them to all be unique and when you working with the panel space that I do, it can be a challenge to capture a character in a compelling way. But I think I'm getting the hang of it. At least I hope so! lol. I've been super fortunate to work with many great colorists who truly bring my work to life and make it look so much better! Ihor Lobodo is one of the those talented artists and I couldn't be happier with these last four panel print of mine that he's done. Thanks so much for making me look good, Ihor!  :)

Superboy, Vixen and Green Lantern (c) DC Comics
Michonne (c) Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard

Thursday, September 18, 2014


We haven't been posting much because we were working hard to try to complete the 2nd Sentinels Anthology and prepare for all of our up-coming conventions. Unfortunately, we won't have the Anthology done in time for the Pittsburgh Comic-Con or NYCC. But we will have previews of the book to show and lots of surprises, as you can see in the art here! This is our brand new banner (which is actually three banners that merge into one) and we will have them at both the Pittsburgh and NYCC shows. We wanted to stop using banners that did not have Drumfish characters on them and also update our old banners. The banner was designed by Sentinels artist, Luciano Vecchio and compile by Jamie Fay using art by Luciano, Jamie and Teyo! Neverminds colorist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre was in the middle of moving, but we were lucky to get the colorist on the BIG Sentinels Anthology story, Ihor Loboda to color the new banner. And, as you can see in the middle top of the banner, we have some new character looks debuting!! We'll post more on them in the next day or so, but feel free to draw conclusions. 

The other big news is that Luciano Vecchio will be visiting the U.S.A. again and will be at the New York Comic-Con! Luciano will be signing books and doing limited sketches at the show. So, if you want to get any of your books signed by Luciano or get am original sketch by him, let us know! He won't be at the table all the time, so you need to plan.
HUGE thanks to Ihor Loboda for coloring this so fast for us. We know it was a lot of work and we really appreciate the quick turn-around! Ihor is an amazing talent and I can't wait to start showing some of the work he's done for us on the Anthology! I think it's almost time to show the 2nd Sentinels Anthology cover..... (almost!)

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I'll be at the 2014 Baltimore Comic-Con from September 5-7 along with NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay! We'll be in Artist Alley at table A244!
We'll be selling the entire SENTINELS series, all four issues of NEVERMINDS, the original graphic novel, Bugged, as well as all the Drumfish Production figurines, prints and lots of original art! Jamie will also be doing commissions while at the show. So, please stop by and say hello!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I’ve known the ghost-loving, wrestle-maniac, Howie Noeldechen and his wife Shelly for a long time now. I haven’t known him so long that I’ve ever seen him with hair, lol, but I still recall meeting them at MOCCA in NYC almost ten years ago and being impressed with his work immediately. After chatting for a bit at the show, I got all the issues of Howie’s first comic, Mr. Scootles and I fell in love with it! It was unlike anything I had read before. I loved the animated feel of the book and the fact that it played up on animation history, while adding a dark and humorous aspect to the story. I was honored to have been asked to write the foreword to the collected edition when it came out.
Howie went on to create Tara Normal! Tara is a paranormal investigator who faces off against demons, ghouls, werewolves, aliens and rogue government agents. The series has built a huge fanbase and Howie is the official cartoonist of TAPS Paramagazine, where Tara Normal has appeared in the publication since 2010 as well as online since 2009 at www.taranormal.com And Howie's caricatures and portraits of the TAPS team and stars of Ghost Hunters have helped raise thousands of dollars for charities benefiting the paranormal community.
So, when it came time to work on the second SENTINELS Anthology, I knew I wanted someone with a sense of humor and edge to tell Crusher’s story. And knowing that Howie loved professional wrestling, he was the only person I thought of. I couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to write Crusher’s story than Howie and can’t wait for people to read the story he wrote (with amazing art seen here by Bernce Llamo). It will make you laugh and squirm! But then, coming from Howie, that’s exactly what I expected!

Please check out Howie’s comics,  portraits and all of the amazing Walking Dead caricatures he’s done on his website at www.hcnoel.com

Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm probably the last artist to jump on the Frozen bandwagon, lol, but since Elsa has become such a popular character, I wanted to try drawing her too.
Colors by the ever talented and amazing Danielle Alexis St. Pierre!

Elsa and Frozen © Disney

Friday, August 29, 2014


Meredith Grace did this amazing cosplay of Nina from NEVERMINDS! We were surprised when we saw Meredith was making a Nina costume and totally floored by the final version! The detail and energy she put into it is really great! There are few words to describe seeing someone cosplay as your character. It's a great feeling! Especially when they look so great! Thank you for sharing, Meredith
Please check out more of Meredith's great cosplay on her Facebook page here!


This is my first time drawing Groot and Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy! I gotta say, I love these characters and drawing them was really fun. Of course, Danny Morales did his magic on this and colored them amazingly! Thanks, Danny!

Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of the Galaxy (c) Marvel Comics

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It feels like I haven't posted any new art that I've done in a long time. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been working on a lot of stuff. We're close to completing the 2nd SENTINELS Anthology and I'll be hitting a few conventions starting next month. In anticipation of that, I'm working on some of my new panel style prints. After seeing the Maleficent movie, I remembered how cool a character she was, so I had to draw her. Of course she would never look so good here unless Danielle Alexis St. Pierre had colored her! What can I say about Danielle's coloring that I haven't said a ton of times before? She's an AMAZING artist! Thanks so much for coloring this for me, Danielle!

Maleficent (c) Disney

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Stephane De Caneva is the artist on Gospel’s story in the second SENTINELS Anthology. Born in Marseille, France, Stephane started his career as a computer engineer before working as a freelance illustrator and comic-book artist. 
I first saw Stephane’s work when he entered the 2nd Drumfish Productions Art Contest on deviantArt. All of the judges were blown away by Stephane’s entries (yes, he did more than one!) and he won first place for his rendition of Samanya from NEVERMINDS
I’m really a big fan of deviantArt and I’ve been fortunate to work with so many amazing artists that I’ve met on there and many of them are artists who entered our contests. As soon as I saw Stephane first entry, I knew I wanted him to work with Drumfish Productions one day.
Stephane’s art is unlike any I’ve seen before! I know I’ve said that before about artists (and I’ll say it again, because I’m drawn to new and exciting styles) but all you have to do is look at Stephane’s work and see that it’s one of a kind! What I love most about Stephane’s work is his line work. It’s so fluid and detailed! I have no idea how he does it, but he even makes still objects look like they are alive. He creates the settings and surrounding areas in his stories as if they are characters too and it creates unique and exciting environment. His world is very imaginary and I couldn’t think of any other character I wanted him to draw more than Gospel. 
Stephane teamed-up with the NEVERMINDS art team of Jamie Fay and Danielle Alexis St. Pierre to tell Gospel’s story. Together, they created a beautiful and touching story that captures Gospel’s character perfectly! Jamie and Danielle will get their own spotlight, but it was exciting to see them work in a different way together. And Stephane’s art went from soft and serene with his depiction of Gospel on Earth to moody and electric when she was the ruler of Hell. 
Stephane has had many published works in France include L’AFFAIRE DE L’AUBERGE ROUGE and 7 CLONES. And currently, Stephane is working on the graphic novel METROPOLIS, published by Delcourt. Please check out more of Stephane’s work at http://abc142.free.fr and www.abc142.deviantart.com 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


NEVERMINDS #4 got a positive review (B+) from IGN! I think that's four out of four for NEVERMINDS by them now. We're very happy they continue to pick us to spotlight in their indie recap of Comixology Indie Submit titles. NEVERMINDS #4 is written by me (Rich Bernatovech), art by Jamie Fay, Colors by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and layouts for some pages by SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We're very proud to announce that the fourth issue of NEVERMINDS is now available for download on Comixology for only .99! This issue is filled with revelations! The entire status quo of the series changes and if you thought last issue's final page was a shocker, wait until you see this issues' ending! 
Written by me (Rich Bernatovech), art by the amazing, Jamie Fay and colored by the talented, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre, we hope you will check out the issue on Comixology here
We will also have printed copies in our hands by the end of the week and available via our Drumfish Productions store. 
Big thanks to the incredible, Luciano Vecchio, who provided layouts for some of the pages in the issue. Thanks, Luc!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I first met Jeffrey S. Streeter at a comic convention and was immediately impressed by his preparation for getting sketches. I’d never seen someone so organized about getting commissions before. Jeff even has a reference book for artists to use that is complete with multiple alphabetized variant costumes of each character. As probably the biggest Titans fan I’ve ever met, Jeff’s collection of original art is beyond compare. Seriously, I don’t know how he does it, but he gets the most amazing sketches from artists and he gets them with ease. Maybe it’s because Jeff is such a naturally likable guy that even someone like me can’t help but become friends with him.  In fact, when I first met Jeff, I walked away thinking I’ve known him for years.
I quickly realized that’s all part of Jeff’s evil plan. How else can you believe that the die-hard Titans fan is also a prominent forensic investigator? Or that he and his partner have their own company focused on developing creator-owned content for print, stage and screen? And that the company is (not surprisingly) called Evil Mastermind, LLC! It all makes sense.
It also made me believe that Jeff is a creative guy and with his background and credentials, he’d be the perfect mastermind to write the Agent Huggins story in the second SENTINELS Anthology. As I mentioned before, Agent Huggins is an important character to me for personal reasons and I wanted to make sure she was handled by creators who would get her right. I was very happy when Jeff agreed to write the story and even happier once I read the script he turned in! In just 10 pages, Jeff was able not only captured Agent Huggins’ character, but he was able to recapped her entire history, give her depth by revealing her relationship with other characters (good and bad) and tell an exciting and interesting story that moves the character forward. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for a better story for Agent Huggins!
I’m extremely proud of the story Jeff and Sasha have created for such an important character in the SENTINELS universe! And I can’t thank them enough for being involved in the book.
Please follow Jeff on twitter at https://twitter.com/EMLLC00

And check out some of the amazing sketches Jeff has gotten in his collection over the years at http://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetail.asp?gcat=40361

Thursday, August 7, 2014


As we prepare to finish the second SENTINELS Anthology, I wanted to start sharing some of the amazing work that all of the creators have done for the book!
We have over thirty talented writers and artists from all over the world involved in this and we’re honored to be working with them. I plan to spotlight and talk about each of them and their contribution to the second SENTINELS Anthology over the course of the next months.
First up is SASHA GLADYSH!
Sasha Gladysh is from Izhevsk, Udmurtia (Russian Federation) where she used to be a designer and newspaper illustrator. Over the last few years though, Sasha has been doing mostly freelance work on independent comics and webcomics, doing illustrations for books and video games and also working in animation. Obviously, I’ve been a fan of her work on deviantArt for a long time now. What first caught my eye about Sasha’s work was the way she draws faces. They’re very expressive and emotional. She has the ability to capture a mood perfectly with her clean and precise lines. Add to that the way Sasha colors and I believe it’s a very powerful combo!
Teaming up the right artist with the right story is often difficult. But it’s also something I put a lot of thought into. So, when I received Jeff Streeter’s story for Agent Huggins, I knew Sasha was the perfect artist to bring his words to life. Agent Huggins is an important character to me (she was based on a real person who had passed) and Sasha did not disappoint in her strong, determined and vulnerable rendition of the character.
As one half of the first creative team to complete their story, Sasha and I hadn’t spoken for a while since her work was long done. But with the book almost complete, we’ve been in communication again and I excited to have been shown what Sasha is working on now! She told me I could share this, so I hope people will check it out, but Sasha is working on her own animated film! Seriously, she’s drawing a movie!! I wish I had that kind of dedication and ambition. It blows me away to think of all the work she is doing for it and it looks amazing! But please don’t take my word for it, check out her blog ( http://autumn-sacura.tumblr.com/tagged/nylash-no-vumurt ) to see character designs (which are so detailed and unique!) and short animated clips. I can’t wait to see the film complete!

Please check out more of Sasha’s work on her deviantArt page at http://autumn-sacura.deviantart.com/


Since the fourth issue of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS just became available on Comixology at http://cmxl.gy/1osxpjy, we thought we should show some of new work in the book. In addition to being able to see the first three pages on Comixology, here are a few panels of a new page for this issue which spotlights Phazer! We hope fans of Phazer will like the new page for him as it gives him a bit of missing background that we had wanted for him. And since his figurine just came out (see info here at our store), it seems like good timing. 
Artwork by Luciano Vecchio!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The fourth issue of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is now available for download on Comixology for only .99! Fill with new art and text, we continue the colorization of the first SENTINELS trade. As the SENTINELS regroup from the events of the confrontation with Damien, the government organization known as the Order prepares to make their move! Written by me (Rich Bernatovech) and art by the ever talented, Luciano Vecchio, we hope you check it out! And if you enjoy the issue, rate us on Comixology's page! Thanks! Check out the issue here!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It looks like today is a very productive day for Drumfish Productions! Our newest figurine of Phazer, from our SENTINELS series, just arrived! Check him out with the other SENTINELS figurines shown in this picture. He fits right in! Designed by SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio, and manufactued by Gensen Figure, Phazer comes with a base and box and is limited edition. And just like each of the other Drumfish Productions figurines, Phazer is $40 (plus shipping unless you buy him from us at a convention!). I'll be contacting all of you who inquired about Phazer in the next day or two. Thank you all for being patient on the delay on Phazer. I think you can agree that quality was worth the wait! Check out our store for more ordering info!


The third issue of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is now available for download on Comixology for only .99! Fill with new art and text, we continue the colorization of the first SENTINELS trade. This is the conclusion to the first arc feature the SENTINELS against Damien! Written by me (Rich Bernatovech) and art by the ever talented, Luciano Vecchio, we hope you check it out! And if you enjoy the issue, rate us on Comixology's page! Thanks! Check out the issue here!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I’d like to officially announce that Drumfish Productions will be releasing a second SENTINELS Anthology this fall!
This is a project we’ve been working on in various stages for a few years now, but we didn’t want to publicize it too much until we were almost complete. I’m happy to say that we’re almost done now and will be sending the book to the printers soon!

Similar to the first Anthology that we did, this second SENTINELS Anthology will have feature many talented contributors. We have over 30 creators involved and each will be spotlighted in the coming weeks! The stories will focus on various members of the SENTINELS team in solo adventures, just as they did in the first Anthology. This time however, there will be one BIG story centering on all the different generations of the SENTINELS teams (first, second and third gen! ) with the 3rd generation taking center stage! We’ll be revealing more about the book, spotlighting different creators and showing some amazing art very soon! But for now, here is a little teaser image by SENTINELS co-creator, Luciano Vecchio (layouts), NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay (pencil and inks) and new collaborator Ihor Loboda (colorist).  We’ll let you guess who these characters really are.  

Friday, July 25, 2014


Since NEVERMINDS #4 is at the printers and will soon be available for digital download on Comixology, we thought it was time to show some previews pages!
Here are pages 1 and 2, written by me (Rich B.), artwork by Jamie Fay, colors by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and layouts for these two pages by SENTINELS artist, Luciano Vecchio!
What an amazing team I get to work with! I'm so proud of the them all and the results they created. And just wait until you see the rest of the issue!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We're proud to announce that NEVERMINDS #4 is now at the printers and will be ready for ordering soon! In addition to that, we just received word that the issue was accepted by Comixology and will be available for digital download on their site shortly. 
We've been working hard on a lot of great things that we'll be able to share within the next few weeks, including the second SENTINELS Anthology. Look for previews here or on our Facebook page.
The Drumfish Productions website continues to be a work in progress. Last month, we updated it with our "links" and "about" page, and now, we finally have our "press" page live! Please check out all the interviews, stories and great reviews we've received over the years for all of our titles. We truly appreciate everyone's support and interest! Thank you!


IGN gave SENTINELS #2 another great score and loved Luciano Vecchio's artwork! Check out their mini-review and our B+ score.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


WooHoo! The second issue of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is now available for download on Comixology for only .99! Fill with new art and text, we continue the colorization of the first SENTINELS trade. Written by me (Rich Bernatovech) and art by the ever talented, Luciano Vecchio, we hope you check it out! And if you enjoy the issue, rate us on Comixology's page! Thanks! http://cmxl.gy/1mDPwT7


Here is a picture of the first ever NEVERMINDS cosplay! The super amazing and beautiful, Meredith Grace, honored us by sharing this preview picture of her costume of Nina from NEVERMINDS. We LOVE it and were totally shocked to see it. Meredith is a model and cosplayer and we can't wait to see her live in person dressed as Nina! Loook at all the detail that went into this costume! WOW! Meredith also has an official shoot in the works. We'll keep you updated!!! You look great Meredith!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm really happy to announce that issue #2 of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS will be available for download on the Comixology website this Wednesday! The issue is a remastered with new art and text throughout and fully colored by Luciano Vecchio! I'll be posting a direct link to the issue on Wednesday, but here is a link to the Drumfish page on Comixology! Enjoy and share!  

Friday, June 27, 2014


I've very proud of the creators I have the luck to work with and here is another reason to be proud of them. Jamie Fay, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre and Luciano Vecchio all had their artwork displayed at the NY Times on the LGBT Comic Characters board. Green Lantern Alan Scott drawn by Luciano, Miss America drawn by Jamie and Witchblade drawn by Danielle. Also featured is Mara drawn by Ross Campbell and Kevin Keller drawn by Dan Parent! Great work by a talented group promoting equality and awareness!

Friday, June 13, 2014


One last reminder that I'll be at NYCC Special Edition this weekend along with NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay! We'll have copies of NEVERMINDS, SENTINELS and BUGGED along with all of the Drumfish figurines (except Phazer who arrives the end of this month!) and tons of prints by us both! Jamie will also be doing commissions the entire weekend. So, stop by early to get on his list. We'll in Artist Alley at table Q3 and Q4. Please stop by and say hello!


I was able to get one more new print done for NYCC Special Edition this weekend. Here is Red Hood colored by Mr. Danny Morales!


Though I'm not familiar with the site, What'cha Reading? reviewed the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS #1 that's available on Comixology. They weren't wild about it because they thought there were too many characters. Hopefully, after the next few issues they will be able to follow a bit better. Check out the review here.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I was able to complete two new prints for NYCC Special Edition this coming weekend (June 14/15 2014) that will be at the Javitz Center and where I will be in Artist Alley at table Q3/Q4 along with NEVERMINDS creator, Jamie Fay! I'm very excited for this show and hope it does well. This will be an Artist Alley only show, so hopefully there will be a great turnout! She-Hulk and Starfire were drawn by me and colored by the ever-talented, Dany Morales!

Starfire (c) DC Comics
She-Hulk (c) Marvel Comics


BIG congrats to NEVERMINDS artist, Jamie Fay, for his art (of the all new X_men) being picked and spotlighted as part of Comic Alliance's "Best Art Ever (this week)" Check it out here!


IGN gave a mini-review to the re-visioned and colorized SENTINELS #1 and gave it a B minus. Not too bad. We had wished for higher, but we agree with their comments about having a lot of characters. Part of the reason we originally published SENTINELS in trade form was because we knew readers would get a better story with more time shown for each character. Hopefully, once more of the issues are out, they will get what we're trying to do.
See the mini-review here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The first issue of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS is now available for digital downlaod on Comixology for only .99! Enjoy new material throughout the issue and amazing new art by Luciano Vecchio! Check it out at http://cmxl.gy/1pBJcLc
And if you enjoy the issue, remember to rate it on the Comixology website!

Friday, May 30, 2014


We're very proud to announce the release of the re-visioned and colorized version of SENTINELS on Comixology next week! Please enlarge the photos and read more about what exactly you'll see with the new version of SENTINELS! And be sure to check out our page here on Comixology on June 4th to download the first issue for only .99!