Friday, March 29, 2013


Here is my contribution to "Dream Weaver", a special fund raiser for Geeksout that features Sigourney Weaver in any or all of her looks in any of her movies. I picked Ripley from Aliens, of course, lol. I owed my buddy, Josh Siegel, for all the amazing art he's been doing for his story in the second Sentinels Anthology, so I had to make sure I did this. I can't wait to show some previews of Josh's story soon! This was done with Prismacolor markers and microns.

Aliens and Ripley (c) their respective owners

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Back in 2005, when we had just published SENTINELS Book 2: Masks, Dave Ryan asked me if I was interested in being part of his mega-crossover "War of the Independents". I immediately said yes and Templar appeared (in his SENTINELS Book 2 look) in issue one of "War of the Independents" in the huge group shot of the issue. Fast forward a bit and we completed the SENTINELS series, but Templar hadn't yet made another appearance in "War of the Independents". I spoke with Dave and he reported that he was scheduled to appear in issue #6 (issue #3 was the latest to come out). Then this promo image appeared online and it was very cool to see Templar (now in his SENTINELS Book 4 look) on the image. He can be seen near the bottom of the page with his sword over the "R" in the word "WAR".
Dave decided to do a "Who's Who" in the "War of the Independents" and Luciano Vecchio and I decided to use the re-visioned colors for Templar's entry here.
These bio pages for the "Who's Who" have inspired me to update all of the Drumfish characters in a similar style for the new Drumfish Productions website we're working on.  More soon!! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I've been really bad at updating this blog regularly. I've been keeping up with things on the Drumfish Production Facebook page, but I often forget to post here. Sorry about that!
Megacon wiped me out! I'll post a report in a few days, but it was a great show. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello.  :)
In the meanwhile, he is some amazing art by a few very talented artists!
First up is a sketch of Crusher from SENTINELS. This sketch was drawn by Bernce and is a character study done in preparation for the Crusher story in the second SENTINELS ANTHOLOGY that we are working on. As we get closer to having the book complete, I'll post more art and info. But for now, I hope this peek at how talented Bernce is, we be okay. Check out his page on deviantArt here.
Next up is an amazing group shot of the main NEVERMINDS team drawn by Ivan Camelo. Ivan has a really cute art style that I think is very unique. But don't take my word for it, check it out more of his art here.