Sunday, December 2, 2007


Harlette's story for the SENTINELS Anthology is written by Juan Milanese (aka'El Ninja-Tron'). Another of the five Argentinian creators involved in the Anthology, Juan was introduced to me a long time ago by Luciano. Both had worked on a comic called TOCATE and I was very impressed by the story they did. It stuck in my mind and I knew that someday I would like to work with Juan.

So, when it came time to find writers for the Anthology, I asked Luciano if Juan would be interested. I was happy he agreed and glad that he wanted to write Harlette's story. I had been struggling to decide who would be right for Harlette and when Juan came on board, I knew he'd be perfect.

Of all the Anthology stories, Juan's surprised me the most. His influences are all over the place. Post-Punk, dreams, Borges, Proust, drinking nights with friends, some anime, Fellini, Talking Heads, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Adrogue's way of life, Detroit techno music and a thousand different things. And Arnold movies aside (lol), he got Harlette dead-on and brought story elements into her story from the entire SENTINELS series. Things I even kind of forgot, lol. He put so much depth and thought into Harlette's story in only 10 pages, I loved it. Added to Charles awesome artwork, it was (again) another great story.

It's been a while since Juan has written anything and I was glad this got him back in the game. He has a distinct voice that I'm sure will one day get lots of attention.

Juan is currently studying Audiovisual Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. You can see and hear some of his work at these links:

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