Wednesday, December 12, 2007


For the most part all I've been posting are spotlights for the SENTINELS Anthology on here. It just kind of happened that way and once I started I didn't want to stop. I wanted to spotlight all the creators involved equally and I think I have. All that is except for the creators working on Templar's story. And there's a reason for that. Unfortunately, the original artist that was working on the story had to pull out and I was left scrambling to find another. I hope to post spotlights on Javier Barrera Fanego (writer) and Teyo (artist) once I have some finished art to show. It'll be soon though and worth the wait!

But this gives me the perfect chance to mention a great site that focuses on Indie comics! I hope this blog allows me to plug a lot of great sites and Indie books and the INDIE COMIC NETWORK is doing the same thing.

The NETWORK consists of David Price, Vincent Bonavoglia, Michael Myers, Hakan Hellgren and last, but certainly not least, Miguel Rodrigues. They're a great group of guys who have a real love for comics. They started with the BULLPEN BULLETIONS PODCAST and this year decided they wanted to spotlight other comics by independent creators.

I first met Miguel at the 2007 NYC Comic Con and convinced him to buy the SENTINELS books. To my surprise, before the weekend was over he had persuaded two of his friends to come by and buy all four books too! Since then, I've been chatting with Miguel online and been on their podcast show. Miguel is a super nice guy and has been posting many things about the SENTINELS Anthology on the INDIE COMIC NETWORK since I started this blog. He also asked me to be involved in a project he's working on that I hope I can talk more about soon.

The NETWORK is still a new site and just starting to build it's following. But I think it's a great idea and a good place to find out about smaller publishers.
Please take some time and check out the INDIE COMICS NETWORK at .

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