Monday, December 3, 2007


I'm taking a short break from the Anthology Spotlights. I'll start them up again later this week. In addition to posting on the blog daily, I've been pretty busy working on a number of things.

First up is my Learning Annex class. I'm REALLY excited to be teaching there tomorrow. I've worked to gather as much information as possible to share with others and hope the class will be successful. I'm also eager to see who attends and to help them on their journey into self-publishing. As I've been working on the class, I've grown to realize there is so much that goes into it. Things even I forgot. I've been doing this for almost 5 years and things that were so hard in the beginning have become easy and second nature. But I remember when I started all the little things you never think of. It can be overwhelming.

I've also been working on my pages for the SENTINELS Anthology. I'm drawing Sin's story that is written by Luciano Vecchio. It's a nice change of roles for us, but it's another thing I realized I took for granted. Drawing used to be soooo easy to me, but it's been years since I've done sequencials and I find myself hating things that come out on paper and redrawing a lot, lol. We're our own worse critic, I know, so I keep trucking along and now I'm finding I'm pretty happy with the results. It's also great to do drawing and painting again.

In addition to the Anthology, I'm also working on NEVERMINDS with Jamie Fay. We hope to have stuff for the NYC Comic Con In April. It's changed a bit since we first started but that's part of the charm of creating. Things grow and evolve. I think we've come up with some unique stuff though! :)

I'm also honored to be involved in a few other projects for other publishers that I can't mention yet. More on that later!

It's a busy time for me, but I'm having a blast on it all. Wednesday, I'll post on how the Annex class went. Wish me luck!!!


Jamie said...

good luck, yo!!! you'll be great. yo've taught me so much in the small amount of time i've been brought into drumfish. stuff i've never thought of. its great you are passing along this knowledge!!

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie. I hope people learn from the class!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have gone to the Annex to see everythign involved in coming up with your own projects/publications.


Rich B. said...

Thanks, Bob. Sorry the class was so far away for you. Of course you can always ask me for any help you need if you ever think about self-publishing. :)