Monday, March 16, 2009


Now that I've posted all the great sketches I got in NYC, I can finally start to post the sketches I got while at Megacon. One of my favorite sketches that I got has to be this sketch of Agent Huggins by Mia Paluzzi. I got this sketch the last day of the convention and wished that I had noticed Mia before. I really love her style. In some ways it reminds me of Luciano Vecchio's art, with that manga influence and their own personality mixed in. At this con I decided to tell some of the artists who I wanted them to draw. I haven't gotten many of the lesser seen characters in Sentinels yet, so I thought it'd be good to do that. I gave Mia a reference for Agent Huggins and just told her that she has mental powers, chain smokes and is a government agent. I was really happy to see how this sketch came out and Mia said that she wanted to give Agent Huggins a sort of female James Bond look since she was a secret agent. I think it rocks! I wish I could have gotten more art from Mia, but sadly the con ended. Next time I'm going to seek her out early. Check out more of Mia's awesome art at


Hellstormer said...

Here comes the bride? Is that a wedding dress she's wearing?

I think its great that your telling them who to draw now. No more Harlette sketches! :D

Rich B. said...

Lol, no, it's an evening gown.
And yeah, no more Harlette sketches for a little while. :)

Jamie said...

this one turned out great. i would have gotten something from her if she had time. :( lol

Rich B. said...

Yeah, well, it was the last day and even I was lucky to get this one as it was down to the wire before closing.