Saturday, March 7, 2009


I still haven't posted all the sketches I got while at the 2009 NYC Con. I want to spread them out a little so everyone doesn't get too burned out on them, lol. This awesome sketch of the original Templar was done by Ben Bishop. The NYC Con was Ben's first Con and he had his first original graphic novel with him, NATHAN THE CAVEMAN. I was really impressed with Ben's work and that he had self-published his OGN just like I had a few years ago. It's tough work and takes a lot of dedication to do that. I got the chance to chat with Ben before the Con opened to the general public and I was able to get him to do this cool sketch. I really like his style and recommend checking out his book. You can learn more about it at .


bishart said...

sweeeeeeeet. im glad you liked it. it was awesome running into you guys at the bar too. any other cons lined up? im doing boston, maine and spx.

Hellstormer said...

This sketch is awesome! I love that he did a 1st Gener, you don't get those too often. This is another one of my favorite sketches you've received. Hurry up and post the rest!

Jamie said...

i'm starting to regret that i wasn't able to get a sketch from ben. ;(

Rich B. said...

Hey, Ben! Glad to see you saw that I posted this here. I was going to write you and tell you about it. As far as cons, all I know for sure right now is Pitts and Philly. I think we might try to do Baltimore and maybe another, but we have to check our schedules.

Glad you liked the sketch, Keefer. It's one of my favs. And as for 1st Gen Sentinels, I got a few more at Megacon. I'll be posting them soon once I finish posting all the NYC Con sketches, lol.

And yeah, Jamie, you should ahve gotten a sketch by Ben. Told ya so! lol