Sunday, March 22, 2009


I haven't gotten as many sketches finished this week as I had planned or wanted to, but I have a good excuse, lol. I am currently in the middle of moving. I found a better and cheaper apartment and have been moving stuff for the last few days now. And although I have a bunch of sketches semi-finished, I didn't get them done just yet. Here is the latest one I was able to ink, it's Cloak and Dagger from Marvel Comics. I'm torn on these two characters. I mean, I remember them from when I first started reading comics and always liked them. I liked them because of their origin, their personalities and they had fun kickass costumes. But I admit that I didn't read their book too much. From what I read, it always seemed to be the same storyline, drugs, runaways, blah, blah, blah, lol. Now, maybe I just picked up some really bad issues and it burned me, but that's how I remember them. Still think they are cool though and have awesome powers, etc. I really think that even though just the two of them are a team and work very well together, I think they should really be part of a bigger team. It would give them other characters to play off of and interact. Just my two cents. Still great to draw them.


Jamie said...

looks great yo!!! i drew them a few years ago and have always wanted to update it!!!

Rich B. said...

Thanks! Yeah, you should try doing them again.