Monday, March 30, 2009


This sketch of Spike from the 1st Gen SENTINELS was done by Amanda Kahl. Amanda was sharing a table with Merianna Guerra who drew the Savanna sketch for me. Amanda was charging a dollar for sketches. How could I pass that up? I think she did a pretty good job on him. I like the style of her art. My only thoughts are that the inking is a little uneven. She definitely put a lot of detail in to this as you can see she even got the fingernails right, lol. Amanda has a really cool webcomic called AGE OF NIGHT that shows off her art even more. Check it out at .


Hellstormer said...

So you have just about every member of the 1st Gen now right?

I see what you mean by the inkings, but it looks like she was trying to emphasize the mask for some reason. This is a great sketch nonetheless.

Rich B. said...

Just about every member, yeah. I still have to get Scorch, Shimma and Bolt drawn by someone.
I agree with you on the mask and like you said, it's still a great sketch.

Jamie said...

cool pic.

Rich B. said...

Thanks. I liked how this turned out. :)