Sunday, March 8, 2009


This awesome sketch of Templar was given to me by Rey Arzeno this weekend as a birthday present. I really love it. Thanks so much, Rey. Why can't everyday be my birthday so I get cool stuff like this? lol.
You should see the pic he drew for Jamie too. It's almost as good as this one, lol.


Jamie said...

you're right. it is almost as good. but what you forgot to put in your post is that its better!!!
see it here

lol great pic dude! i hope you like it!

Noel said...

MY GOD! that's incredible!

Rich B. said...

Better, Jamie? Hmmm. I think you must have bumped your head on something. Or maybe that was me beating your head with a bat. :)

I agree, Noel. It's incredible! Maybe Rey will draw something for your 50th Bday this year? :)

Noel said...


Rich B. said...

Lol, sorry, Noel. Was just kidding.