Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here's another sketch I got while at the 2009 NYC Comic Con. This time it's Lightbringer drawn by Randy Gallegos. Randy was sharing a table with my buddy, Bryan J.L. Glass and his wife, Judy, and after I was talking to them for a while I realized how rude I was being by not acknowledging Randy next to them. Very stupid of me, but I realized it and started chatting with Randy and looking at his art. It was really awesome. I felt like a smuck for not looking before. Randy has some great line work and pencil drawings in his portfolio. I was really impressed and asked Randy to do a sketch in my sketchbook. You might not notice it in the pic here, but the original sketch is very detailed. It looks great. Check out Randy's site at . You'll be glad you did!


Hellstormer said...

You don't have nearly enough Lightbringer sketches. This one is fantastic, I wish he would've drawn some more of the torso, it would have looked awesome.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I really liked this sketch. I had hoped he would have drawn more of him, but it was only 5 bucks. So, I can't complain. :)