Monday, March 9, 2009


Here's another of the sketches I got while at the 2009 NYC Comic Con. Splash was drawn by the talented Andie Tong. I didn't get a over to the side of the room that Andie was at until the last day, but as soon as I saw his work, I knew I wanted to get a sketch by him. Luckily I was one of the last he was able to do (Sorry, Jamie, lol). I really like the style and energy of his art. His character truly look unique. Check out more of his work at .


Jamie said...

whatever lol

he had to stop drawing and have a 20 mins convo with everyone. i definitely wont try to get one from him again. he didn't even offer to do it at home and send it to me. like so many others have if they didn't get done. only once has that happened and its one of my best sketches.

Rich B. said...

Sorry for the long delay in responding to this one, I was crying for you so much that I forgot. lol.

andie said...
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andie said...

hey jamie san, again man i must apologise for not getting a chance to sketch for u sir. the only reason i have a policy of not doing convention sketches when i get home is cause i'm usually bogged down with deadlines and work. and u might end up waiting for ever before u see ur sketch at ur door and i don't like doing that to people especially since u have to pay up front and that. i don't think that's fair. and i'm sure u can use that money to commission a sketch from a much better artist. :) i'm sorry if i seemed like i stopped to chat to people for 20 mins. i use to be on the other side of the table, and i know sometimes it's hard to approach an artist when they're busy sketching away, so i try to make whoever approaches my table as welcoming as possible. i guess i just need to find that balance. well, i'm sorry u won't be asking a sketch from me again. i do try my very best to sketch for everyone possible. :)

hey rich, i'm glad u're happy with the sketch sir. it was one of my challenging ones yet. the oh so intricate detailing on her costumes. agh! :D