Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This past weekend was the 2009 Megacon in Florida. I went to the con for the first time last year and even though it was a little slow, I decided to give it a shot again this year. This year I did a bit better then last year, but still overall, I expected to do more. I really think the economy came into play this year. I talked with a lot of other people at the con and they were all saying the same thing. I still had a lot of fun at the con though and I got some really great sketches by some Indie artists. I want to thank my friends Todd and David for all their help and Andrew for the awesome sketches. I got to go to a live Slacker and the Man show, which was very cool even if I didn't get to stay for the whole show. (They got kicked out of their space right after we left though, lol).

There were a LOT more Anime fans at the show this year and, I'm sorry, but they scare me. I just don't get them. I couldn't tell who was a boy and who was a girl. They dress so androgynous and then there was the "free hugs". WTF is that? Am I just too old that I have no idea about any of this stuff? lol, I don't know.

After the Con, I got to check out Disney's Epcot, which was cool. My feet are still sore from walking through the whole place. That place is huge! I'll post more about the Con later as I post the sketches I got. They're all pretty sweet. Of course I still haven't posted all the NYC sketches yet, lol, so, soon!


Noel said...

good thing you have this blog, now i know how the con was

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wish my bro still lived in Orlando. I woudl go to this. now show us some more pics Rich!!


Rich B. said...

I'll try to post some pics from the con soon, guys. I didn't have my camera with me, but my friend Todd took a lot of pics and when he sends them to me, I'll post them.

Jamie said...

we both got some great sketches. i'll be posting some more on my blog too. the con was fun but it wasnt at the same time. oh well lol

Rich B. said...

It was the economy for the most part I think, Jamie. Everyone seemed to be in a little bit of a downer. I still had fun though.