Sunday, March 8, 2009


My friend ,Gus, wrote me this week and told me that I was quoted in latest Wizard magazine. I had no idea. Pretty cool, huh? I was kind of shock to see Wizard actually writing a little about the Diamond changes. I wish they'd do more about things like this instead of just hype stories. But it's better than nothing. Wizard is not really the magazine for me, but I hear they are doing some changes that might be good. I'd really like to see a mix of hype, fanboy articles, Indie spotlights and better comic based stories from them. Comics are so huge in Hollywood these days that it'd be nice to have a smart magazine that could show that comics are all different types of things, not just what Hollywood makes a film out of.

Speaking of Hollywood, lol, tonight the one and only Michael Avon Oeming will be appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. I'm not a fan of the show as I think most of the celebs on it are idiots and fame-whores, but the episode on tonight is somehow about comics and Image has a bunch of people on it. One of those creators is Michael. I've met and gotten to hang out with Michael at various cons and he is truly one of the nicest comic creators you will meet. He's created POWERS along with Bendis, MICE TEMPLAR along with (great guy) Bryan J.L. Glass and this year he begins a new series called RAPTURE along with (his talented wife) Taki Soma. So, if you're not busy tonight, check your TV schedule and look for Celebrity Apprentice tonight on NBC and support Michael.


Jamie said...

look at you! mr. popularity is in wizard!!! way to go yo!!!

Rich B. said...

Lol, yeah, now if only they'd review something I wrote, lol.