Thursday, November 5, 2009


Almost finished posting all of the sketches I got at the Pittsburgh Comic Con! This sketch of BoBo (Cascade) is by the incredibly talented, Chris Moreno. I had first gotten a sketch by Chris last year when he did an awesome rendition of Hamlet from SENTINELS Book 2 for me. It quickly became one of my favorite sketches and when I saw him at Pittsburgh this year I went to him first thing. That first day, he did another great sketch, this time of Harlette from SENTINELS Book 4. I loved that one so much, that the last day of the con I went back and Chris was able to do this cute sketch of BoBo from SENTINELS Book 3. It's really cool to see who he picks to draw each time. And since he's done a character from almost all the SENTINELS books, I guess next time I see him I'll have to get a sketch of some from Book 1, lol. See more of Chris's work at .

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