Monday, November 23, 2009


Another classic Indie character. The Crow was made into 3 different films I think. I only ever saw the first one and think it was pretty good. Poor Brandon Lee. I tried to use more of my sketchy style with this one.


Hellstormer said...

*gasp* I love the Crow! The book is astounding O'Barr really filled the pages with emotion. This sketch is awesome, but you forgot his hands. He wraps his hand in electrical tape and without it the look bare, but the the background and the hair look great. And you managed to show details in an all black costume.

PS. 4 Movies. 1 is amazing and 3 is good, the other two are abortions.

Rich B. said...

Ugh! Totally forgot the hands. :(
Oh well, I'll have to go back into this sketch and see if I can get them in and at least it'll be correct for my sketchbook.
And I didn't realize there were 4 movies. Wow. Lol, guess I had heard bad things about the last one and forgot about it. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. if you ever read the novel Kafka on the shore; this is EXACTLY how I picture the character called Johnny Walker.

Voodoo Helps. said...

I absolutely adore the crow and want to get him tattooed on my arm so i googled sketches and found this... would you mind if I had a friend design a picture based on yours for it? I think this is amazing and its exactly what im looking for!
please email me and let me no-