Friday, November 27, 2009


Now that I've FINALLY been able to post all the sketches I got at the 2009 Pittsburgh Comic Con, I can move on to posting some sketches from the 2009 NYC Anime Con that took place earlier this year. The artists alley there was really small, but there were a lot of talent artists there and I got some great sketches. First up is Rapture by Mingyun (Grace) Fong. Her style really caught my eye with it's realistic and soft feel. After chatting for a while I asked what her favorite thing to draw was and she said girlie men or evil women, lol. I figured Rapture was a no-brainer for her to draw. I love the way it turned out. You can really see how her costume would actually fit if it was real. Check out more of Mungyun's work at .

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