Sunday, November 29, 2009


One of my favorite characters from DC, Starman! Jack Knight was a great character and excellent legacy story. And what I love most about him and his story is that DC let it finish and let it rest. That doesn't happen too often. Even though I miss his book, I actually hope they never bring him back. I like having the good memories of this series left alone. :)


Philip Clark said...

One of my favorite characters. Love this and the Stargirl sketch!

Hellstormer said...

Everyone goes crazy about this book and I have yet to read it. And now they discontinued the tpb for giant hardcovers. :(

O and the book's being resurrected.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Philip. Glad you like him and Stargirl. He's one of my favorite characters too.
And you still haven't read Starman, Keefer? I'm surprised, from what I know about your taste in comics, I'd have thought you'd have read his book. I think you'd really like it. And yeah, they're resurrecting the title for one issue to tie into Blackest Night, but it's supposedly only featuring the supporting characters and not Jack Knight.