Monday, June 23, 2008


Wow. It's kind of hard for me to believe that this is my 100th post here on the blog. When I started this I had no idea I had enough ramblings to get to 100. But, here we are. I figured I'd take this post to ask some things and also to let everyone know what Drumfish has planned for the next year.
First, I'm curious as to what people think of the blog here. There aren't too many people posting, but that's okay because I know it's being read. What I want to know is if people are enjoying it. What do and don't you like? More previews? More behind the scene stuff? Less? More sketches? I haven't posted any reviews or plugs in a while. Do you want to see more of those?
I ask because I'm going to be working on setting up a Drumfish website soon. I'm just waiting on the domain name now. But when I do, I want to make it good. So, let me know what you all think.
It seems like I've been talking mostly about SENTINELS on here. That's because it's the only book published by Drumfish so far. But by next year there will be a few more.
First, of course, will be NEVERMINDS by myself and Jamie Fay. I've post a bit on NEVERMINDS and can't wait to get it out there. It seems like we've been working on it forever, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. NEVERMINDS will be published in trade form and in color.
Also in development is CASPIAN CURSES. This will be a scifi/fantasy book by myself and Luciano Vecchio. We put it on the back burning for a while as I worked on NEVERMINDS and other stuff and Luciano worked on his project, CRUEL THING. But we're recently reworked the story and I think it'll really stand out now. It even has a slight connection to SENTINELS. :) I'm not completely sure if Drumfish will be publishing this, as we want to see if another company might be interested. But if they aren't, then it'll have the Drumfish logo on it for sure. CASPIAN CURSES will be published in trade form if Drumfish does it and will be in color.
Now, both of those books have been in my head for a while and work has been being done on them for a long time. But they're not the only projects I have planned.
I'd been thinking for a while about where I want Drumfish to go and what my goals were in the comic industry and after much thought (and a great conversation with Bryan J. Glass) I now know what I want to do. See, I love OGNs and think publishing in that form has been the best thing for me. It kept costs down and looked really professional. But I've been ignoring other forms of publishing. So, next year, with lots of work and a bit of luck, Drumfish will also publish some smaller pamphet sized comics. Some of which are already in development.
The first will be a kind of darker book with art by Teyo, the artist who drew Templar's story in the SENTINELS Anthology. I really love Teyo's work and look forward to working with him. I also think it'll be a book that will surprise people in terms of what I've done before.
For now, that's the only book I can mention, but keep checking here to see what else is in the works. Next year you'll see quite a few new books from Drumfish! Thanks to everyone for all the support and I hope you'll enjoy what comes next!


Hellstormer said...

Wow you have a lot of stuff on the backburner. That's gotta be nuts. And I've made an effort to hit your blog almost everyday and post a comment. But anyway you need more Neverminds stuff up here. Yes I love the Sentinels but I know next to nothing about Neverminds. O, and I like Teyo's art too.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Keefer. Yeah, it's a little nuts trying to get all these projects off the ground and running. But I think I can do it. :)
I'm glad to hear you check out the blog. I appreciate it. I will definitely try to get more Neverminds stuff up on here. Actually, I only have one more Sentinels post planned for the time being. But I'll post on Neverminds next.
I love Teyo's art too!

BobE said...

Rich I cant wait for everything to come out. While I would like to see Caspian Curses come out through Drumfish as long as it comes out I shall be pleased!

I like the way the blogs have been going. I too would like to see some more neverminds stuff and maybe review some books that you get in to.

Rich B. said...

Thanks for the feedback, Bob. Glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I'll have more Neverminds previews coming soon.

jamie said...

wow 100 posts is an accomplishment. especially with the posts you post. they are very informative and include the pictures.

the only thing your posts need is more pimpage of the super cool and talented artist , jamie fay. lol just kidding.

ok but seriously, i wouldn't change a thing about how you post things. if it isn't broke, don't fix it! right?

oh and to everyone whose been waiting for NeverMinds, its on its way. i know we've been saying that, but its true. we didn't want to put something out there just to get something out there. we aren't gonna give you something we aren't in love with. why should we? if we don't love it, chances are you won't either. more previews to come soon.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie. Glad you enjoy the blog.
As far pimping you more, that last check you sent me bounced. Once it clears, I post more of your art. :P
Just kidding. lol

PulseJenC said...

can't find your email I was going to do a piece with you about the Sentinels Anthology .... drop me a line at jencomx3 @ ok?


Rich B. said...

Hey Jen!
Good to hear from you. Yeah, a piece on the Anthology would be great. Sent you an e-mail. Hope you get it okay.