Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here are the final two sketches I got while at the Wizard World Philly Con. Surprisingly, they're both of Harlette. It seems that a lot of artists like her. Usually, I let the artist pic who they want to draw, I think you get a better sketch that way, so I have more Harlette sketches than any of the other SENTINELS. I might ask people to do anyone but her for a while so that it gets evened out a little more.

But here are two great sketches. The first is by Rodney Ramos. Rodney is a very cool guy and was one of the first artist I had do anything for me at the con. He wanted to do more to the sketch, but I had to get the book to David Petersen. So, he asked that I bring it back later for him to tweak some things. I unfortunately, forgot. But I think his drawing looks great. I'm really happy with what he did and think the blue around Harlette really brings her out.

The second Harlette sketch is by Patrick Thomas Parnell. Patrick has his own book out called Ultrastar. I bought a copy but haven't had a chance to read it yet. It's about the same size as the SENTINELS Anthology but was $20. I thought that was a little steep, but gave it a try anyway. I really like the sketch Patrick did for me and think he draws a very interesting Harlette. The hair really adds to the feel of the pic. Check out more of Patrick's work on his blog at .


HEllstormer said...

Wow that first sketch is awesome. You're getting some serious talent to do sketches. I think Harlette just as the most aesthetically pleasing costume that's not overcomplicated like say Templar's armor.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Keefer. Yeah, I'm really happy with all the sketches I've been getting. I haven't really gotten any big names (other then Amanda Conners and David Petersen) but they have all been doing some really amazing work. I think I've been really lucky. And the best part is none of them have cost me an arm and a leg. :)
And yeah, I guess you kind of right about Har's costume. You just made me realize I don't have any sketches of Templar except David Petersen's mouse version. lol. I'll have to get one of him next.

Hellstormer said...

Tell the next artist they have to do Templar. I think Luciano is the only one that knows what he looks like off hand. Even I have trouble remembering all that armor.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I always give the artist one of the books to choice from. So they have reference. Templar's costume is so detailed, I bet even Luciano forgets what it looks like sometimes, lol.

jamie said...

these were cool sketches. i got a blindfold from young x-men skech from the guy who drew the bottom harlette too. he was a nice guy.

rich's book looks really great. he has gotten some amazing pieces.

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie. I'm really glad I decided to start the sketch book. Not only does it look great, half the fun is trying to figure out who to get at each con.