Thursday, June 26, 2008


A few posts ago I showed Luciano's sketch for a character named Flake. She would have been a character who joined the 3rd Gen SENTINELS if we had done a series on them. But she wouldn't have been alone. Since a few of you asked what other unseen things I had in my files, I decided to show these sketches done a long time ago. Excuse the art, because they're drawn by me, lol. Usually when I'm creating or writing something, I do little sketches and show them to the artist to try to get my idea across to them.

Flake would have been part of another team of super-powered youngsters, kind of a villain team but with a twist. They were all also related to the villains who were killed in SENTINELS Book 2: Masks. The line-up consisted of:

Flake - The granddaughter of Shiver. Flake had the ability to freeze things.

Pinch - The son of Detonator. Pinch had the ability to affect people's nervous system with a snap of his fingers.

Wreck - The grandson of the Tank. Wreck had the power to turn his body into metal.

Fasttrack - The daughter of Fasttrack. She had the ability to "speed up" herself and anything around her.
Glam - The daughter of Glamora. Spoiled rich girl with the power to alter her appearance.

Growl - The son of Pitbull. Growl had feral abilities, but limited intelligence.

Simone - The daughter of Adlivon. Simone had mystical abilites and a connection to the dead.

Trick-N-Treat - The twin children of Nebulas. Each had the power to make things explode.

Wipeout - Yes, Wipeout. Scarred and depowered after his encounter at the end of SENTINELS Book 4: Hope, Wipeout would have been the leader of the group.

Of course, we (Luciano and I) both decided this wasn't the direction we wanted to take with the 3rd Gen SENTINELS. In addition to both wanting to take a break from the SENTINELS universe, we also though we were doing it, just to do it. I don't think that would have been good for anyone. BUt the characters we created were kind of fun and who knows? Maybe one day one or two of them will show up somewhere.

Hope this look at what might have been is enjoyed!


Todd Latoski said...

These are pretty cool - a new team in and of themselves - and with Wipeout as their leader -

Rich, c'mon, you just GOTTA do something with these!!!! There's just too much story potential here to let them go.....

Rich B. said...

Lol, well, I've learned to never say never. But I don't have any plans to use these guys for the time being. Who knows though, maybe someday if we do another Sentinels Anthology. Right now, I have lots on my plate and want to get new works out other than Sentinels. I do really like Growl, Flake and Pinch though. They would have been fun to write. And Trick-N-Treat were a little twisted...

Hellstormer said...

Cool ideas I like Flake, Simone, and Growl. No one else really jumps out, but Wipeout....are you serious? I hate that guy, I wish Crusher would knock him out a couple more times. And why would he send a team after the Sentinels? They saved his butt in every book I swear.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Simone would have been cool to explore too. To be honest, I had ideas for all of them. I hear you on the Wipeout thing, I think that was part of why we weren't feeling it. My idea was that he was so bitter over losing his powers and being scarred, that he hated the Sentinels and wanted revenge on them and their kids. But that was too much like Rapture so we stop pursuing the idea.

Hellstormer said...

I actually really liked Adlivon's design and it'd be cool to know more about him.

Rich B. said...

HA! Adlivon was actually a character I created years and years ago when I was a teen. I had him in a story I wrote and drew for an APA called TitanTalk. He was a villain there in a story focusing on Speedy. Silver Owl was also created back then too. I always liked both of their designs so I decided to use them as secondary characters in Sentinels.