Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I had the honor of meeting David Petersen, the creator of MOUSE GUARD, at the Wizard World Philly Con. Anyone who has read MOUSE GUARD knows that David is an extremely talented guy, but he also happens to be super nice. He was constantly busy talking with fans and other creators and did quite a few commissions while he was there. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a sketch by him. Originally I was thinking I'd have him do a teamshot for me, but after chatting with him for a while and thinking about his work. I asked him to just draw Templar and Firebomb in their final costume looks. I think it fit with his MOUSE GUARD series about mice knights. What I didn't expect was the detail David put into this sketch. It's really incredible and SENTINELS fans might also notice that David used the CYPRUS vessel as a background to the sketch. How cool is that?
With MICE TEMPLAR and MOUSE GUARD both focusing on rodents, you'd also think that there might be some kind of feud between the creative teams. That's definitely not the case. Both are big fans of the other and so I am. I plan to try to do a review of both books soon. For anyone who hasn't checked them out, you're really missing some great work!

See more of David's work and learn more about MOUSE GUARD at http://www.mouseguard.net/ .


Hellstormer said...

Wow Rich that's sweet. I finally got to read Mouse Guard not too long ago and loved it. This image is great. It'd be even sweeter if it was colored in the same style as Mouse Guard.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Mouse Guard is great. Have you tried Mice Templar yet? That's another great book too.
I'd love to see this colored too. I think it'd look great in the Mouse Guard style.

Anonymous said...

Man I am so jealous. If I woudl have known that David Petersen was going to be there I woudl have asked you to get something for me!! I was fortunate to get in on that title fromt he ground floor!Oh and I too love Mice Templar as well!!


Hellstormer said...

I read the first two issues of Mouse Templar and didn't really get a vibe for it. I intend to pick up the trade eventually.

jamie said...

david's sketches were great. after seeing how great rich's templar and firebomb turned out, i was lucky enough to get his last sketch for sunday. i got jean grey/phoenix and cyclops as mice. lol

Rich B. said...

Sorry about that, Bob. Next time if I see that David Petersen is going to be at a con I go to, I'll let you know. Maybe I can get something for you then.
And yeah, I like Mice Templar too. I think you might like it more in trade form, Keefer.
Jamie's sketch turned out awesome too. It has a really sweet design with the phoenix and the X symbol.