Thursday, June 26, 2008


For the last few years we had (and still have) a forum over on Philip Clark's Dreamchilde site. But I thought the time was right to finally get our own forums and create something specific to Drumfish Productions. In the coming year we'll be publishing a few new series and even though we have a ton of threads on the Dreamchilde forum, I think now is the time to do this.
I want to thank Philip for all the help through the years and of course for asking me to be part of the Dreamchilde forum. I really got to know a lot of great people over there and we've had a very loyal following that I really appreciate. I hope this new forum will be as successful as Philip's and just as friendly. I'll still be over there from time to time., but for the most part, this is our new home.
Go check out the site and sign up!


jamie said...

well the forums are alive and well. now lets get some more members!

Rich B. said...

Yeah, waht's everyone waiting for? lol