Monday, June 2, 2008


Back from Wizard World Philly! The Con was excellent. I was at the convention with Jamie Fay (artist on NEVERMINDS) and Bryan J.L. Glass (writer of MICE TEMPLAR). Bryan was nice enough to offer to share his table with Jamie and I. We got to hang with him and his wife, Judy, Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, David Petersen, Arune Singh, Sam Vera, James Rodiquez and many other cool people. Thanks again, Bryan. I owe you!

I sold well over what I thought I would there. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello and to those who took a chance and purchased SENTINELS. One of the highlights of the show was getting a heoclix statue of Rapture. As you can see in the picture with this post, it's really amazing. Of course, I was so shocked that someone was giving this to me as a gift, that I didn't remember there name when I got home. Sorry about that. I did get his e-mail though and wrote him and hopefully I can give him proper credit when I hear back from him. Thanks again!!!

Of course, I also got a lot of sketches at the convention that I'll be posting over the next few weeks. Jamie was also really busy doing sketches and you can see a commission here he did of Splash for someone. Pretty cool, huh?

Again, thanks to everyone who we had the opportunity to chat with. It was a great con and I will definitely do it again!


I heard back from the cool guy who did the Rapture Hero-Clix for me. It was done by none other then, Chris "Tinge" Schadt. Chris has also done HeroClix of Templar, Firebomb, Splash and Electron. He promises to send pics and when I get them I'll post them on the blog. Thanks again, Chris!

Also, check out the cool HeroClix card Chris did for Rapture. Gotta love it. :)


Dan Nguyen said...

Hey Rich,
Its Dan from the philly convention. So im reading through the first book of the sentinels..and im thoroughly impressed. Your right, its starting a little slow..but it keeps me wanting to read more. Im liking the villan alot. He is really bad ass. I cant wait till i finish it and get on to the second volume. Hope Baltimore gives you guys a good table. Hope to see you there. it was really enjoyable to talk to you and Jamie.

Rich B. said...

Hey Dan!
Good to hear from you. It was cool seeing you this weekend. Hope you had fun. I had a blast. Glad you're enjoying the book. Yeah, like I said, it starts a little slow, but you'll see it picks up lots of steam as it goes. Especially starting with issue 2.
I hope to get to Baltimore, I will know soon and post something on here.

Noel said...

That little Statue is so cool are there anymore characters??? Is HeroClix a web page? i guess i should google it and go see.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Chris said he has done some of the others (I listed them on the post). Heroclix are like mini-statues used for a game. I really am not the most educated person on them. You can check out their website at .

Anonymous said...

wow that splash is really good lol. i had alot of fun aT this con. i wanna try some more that we haven'yt done before.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I love it when people at the cons ask you to draw one of the Sentinels. You've even had a few request for Alanis and that books not even out yet. Wait until Neverminds comes out and then that's all people will be asking you to draw, lol.