Friday, June 6, 2008


I actually got these sketches at both the NYC Comic Con and the Wizard World Philly Con. At the NYC Con, my table was next to Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. They were super nice guys and very funny. Art and Franco are the creators of DC Comic's TINY TITANS. The book is aimed at kids, but there are tons of adults who like it too. Art does the artwork on the book and he was doing quick sketches for only a dollar. Crazy, huh? So, I couldn't pass up getting him to draw the 3rd Gen SENTINELS for me. He did them so fast and I think they're great. Lots of energy in them and in color even (crayons). A few friends also got Franco to do sketches for them and I had no idea he was an artist also. I was kicking myself for not getting something by him at NYC. As luck would have it, Art and Franco were at the Philly Con and I had Franco draw the 3rd Gen SENTINELS this time. He did them as a team in my sketch book and for only a dollar each. Gotta love them!
I want to wait a little while to post these since they have the 3rd Gen kids names on the art. But now that the SENTINELS Anthology is out, I can finally share them.

Check out Art and Franco work at and .


jamie said...

i really like how the team shot turned out. i really lke the sketches i got from franco. storm and polaris are so cute. lol

Rich B. said...

Yeah, I was surprised by how great Franco's art was. He actually looks more like the regular artist on Tiny Titans then Art does. Weird. The sketches you and Noel got by him are great too. :)