Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here are the first Philly Con sketches I got over the week. These are by two recent graduates of the Joe Kubert School, George Bough and Helsa Amadi. I met George and Helsa before the show even started on Friday when there was a table mix-up at the con. It seems Wizard likes to move people around and we got moved to the table George and Helsa were originally scheduled to be at and they weren't told about the switch. After tracking down someone in charge, we got things straighten out and all was fine. But George and Helsa seemed so nice that I wanted to check out their art and chat with them. I was really impressed with both of their work.

George did a sketch of Phazer, who no one had drawn in my sketchbook yet. I think he did a great job and captured Phazer's character very well. I also was really impressed with George's portfolio and recommended him to a friend who is looking for an artist. He has some sequential pages on his site that are great. Check out George's work at or his Deviant Art page at .

Helsa did a beautiful sketch of Gospel, another of the SENTINELS that no one had drawn in my sketchbook yet. Helsa has a really clean and elegant style that I think captured Gospel perfectly. I was also really impressed with her portfolio and also recommended her to my friend looking for artists. Check out more of Helsa's art at or her Deviant Art page at .

I can see both of these artists working in comics really soon and was happy to get a sketch from them.

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