Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm about to go away for a few days, but wanted to post this image that Luciano finished up for the SENTINELS Anthology. It's a promo piece that we'll be handing out at conventions. I've been wanting to do something with the 3rd generation SENTINELS for a long time now. From the moment I first came up with SENTINELS, I also created most of these characters. It was always the intention to finish the book with them. When Luciano and I teamed up we re-worked them a bit, added some, subtracted some and came up with the team that exits now. And I think they are all really unique characters and personalities, just as the original SENTINELS were and hope people will like them.
Finding a story that fits them and is as unique as the original SENTINELS story is the hard part. For now, we've come up with the Anthology that I think works. It'll be out this spring and it'll incorporate stories of the 2nd generation Sentinels as well as spotlight the new kids. I'm curious to how they'll be recieved and if it goes well, we might consider doing more with them or another Anthology down the line.
When I return from vacation I plan to start showing some previews and introduce the creators involved in the Anthology!


Jamie said...

the postcard/poster looks great, rich!!! luc really did an awesome job!

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Jamie! Of course you know this is only part of the Anthology cover. :) The rest we're wait a little while to show.