Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just when I thought I had created all of the SENTINELS team members way back, I happened to be doodling in class again (guess I did that a lot, lol) and created Splash. Honestly, I wasn't really trying to come up with any new characters and wasn't even thinking when I designed her. But there she was on paper. I kind of liked the crazy water flowing costume she had and suddenly lots of ideas came to my head. Splash sort of forced her way on to the SENTINELS team.

From the moment I first drew her, I knew who Splash was going to be. Pretentious, selfish, narcissistic. All those good qualities. lol. And I really liked it. To me, one of the best things about Splash was that ,unlike the other members of the SENTINELS, she wasn't a legacy member. She had no history with the team and only sought them out in order to achieve more fame. I liked that it added to her uniqueness. What she didn't count on was having feelings for any of them and especially not the one guy she could never touch (Electron).

Of all the SENTINELS characters, Splash was the funniest to write. To me she had a mixture of bitchiness and innocence that worked. She'd say bitchy things sometimes, but coming from her they didn't seem that mean to me. Maybe it was Luciano's portrayal of her and the expressions he gave her, but it was hard to stay mad at her. Like all the SENTINELS, Splash had a new costume each book. It made the most sense to me that she would do that. She was a Popstar. She would never think of wearing the same costume twice and I loved all the alternate versions Luciano came up with.

When Noel Short agreed to write Splash's story, I wasn't sure what to expect. But he came up with a great idea and I was also lucky enough to have Ms,Shatia Hamilton agreed to draw the story. Noel and Ms,Shatia are a great team and I can't wait to get their story out there. Wait until you see some of the preview art! It's awesome!


Jamie said...

splash is one of the characters that i had to warm up to at first. then she became a really cool character! the art on this story is stellar!!!!!! and noel, i love the story!! great idea!!

Noel said...

Thanks Jamie,
I'm Thrilled to be a part of the team.

Rich B. said...

Yeah, Jamie, a lot of people say that about Splash. It was kind of my intention for her to be annoying at first and then have readers warm up to her. Glad to hear it worked.
And I was happy to have you involved, Noel. I can't wait to start reading your series, BREAKERS!

Noel said...

Thanks man, things are really going well. Your an inspiration!!! but then again i might just be going senile. I love this blog by the way. Lots of pretty colors.