Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ms,Shatia Hamilton is the artist on Splash's story for the SENTINELS Anthology. What can I say about Ms,Shatia's art that you can't see with your own eyes? I love it. Like all the artists involved in the Anthology, I think Ms,Shatia's art is amazing. She is the perfect match for Splash.

I was introduced to Ms,Shatia through Jamie Fay (Firebomb and NEVERMINDS artist) and Deviant Art. Jamie had Ms,Shatia do a protrait of Alanis from our NEVERMINDS series and I was blown away. Then looking through her Deviant Art gallery, I knew I wanted to work with her. Before I even had Noel's story for Splash in, I contacted Ms,Shatia in hopes she would work on it. Okay, maybe I begged her, lol. See, Ms,Shatia is a busy artist and always seems to have a looooong list of commissions. To my delight, she agreed to work on the Anthology and the rest will soon be history.

Ms,Shatia's art reminds me of really beautiful anime. But that's only part of her style. Her characters seem to move in every panel and when she adds color they truly come alive. Her style is much more then any anime I've seen and I think everyone will agree.

Like I said, Ms,Shatia is a busy person, with a full time job and tons of commissions, but somehow she managed to get Splash's story done and I couldn't be happier with the results. I know I keep saying this but I feel blessed to be working with all the talent involved in the SENTINELS Anthology and just viewing Ms,Shatia's gallery over at her Deviant Art page ( ) you'll see why I'm so into her art.

Ms,Shatia is also working on her own series called FUNGUS GROTTO, which I can't wait to read. You can see over 40 pages from it on her site at . She's showing those pages for free, so don't be afraid to donate to her PayPal account on there if you like what you see. I predict BIG things ahead for Ms,Shatia! Mark my words.

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