Thursday, November 8, 2007


So, I'm really excited to be teaching a class at the Learning Annex on December 4th, 2007 on "How To Self-Publish Your Own Comic Or Graphic Novel On A Budget"!
I was approached last month about this and think I can do a great job. Why? Because I can't tell you how many people I've met at conventions who are interested publishing their own comic and have asked me how I got started.
The hardest thing about self-publishing is knowing the ins and outs. It's tough work but I believe that anyone with a idea and a dream can be successful.
When I first started SENTINELS, I knew nothing. All I had was an idea and a dream. I really got in over my head, but after researching a bit and talking to some great people in the biz (both professional and self-published creators) I leaned a TON! And I truly want to share that info. To me, there's nothing like discovering a new comic that's fresh and original and full of the creator's energy. I look at other self-published Indie creators that I know and I'm really inspired by their work. I want to help others achieve their dream and I think this will be a great way to do that.
Right now, I'm gathering all the years of info I've collected and pulling it into a focused and complete template for others to use and go by. It's not that hard when you think about it. To me, the hardest thing about self-publishing is having an idea and then getting people to buy it. Now, no one can come up with the idea for you. You have to do that yourself. But I believe that in order to be successful at this you need to be inspired by something and every person has a story in them. Whether it's Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Superhero or whatever, there is a market out there and if you believe in what you're doing people will notice it.
Getting their attention and putting your product out there for them to notice in the first place is what really matters. And I fought that battle a lot. It's some of the hardest work about self-publishing. But I have lots of info to share and hopefully can make it easier for others to achieve their goal. That's why I'm excited about this class.
I'm hoping the class will be pretty full and I can help anyone who takes it. As I get closer to doing the class I'll post some other info.


Howie said...

I can't think of a better person to teach this class, Rich! I just wish I could attend it :) Hopefully, after the class is over, you'll share some tips on this blog (hint, hint!)

Rich B. said...

Thanks, Howie! I 'm looking forward to the class and hope people will attend. Of course I will write about how it went once I've done. :)