Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I haven't had the chance to talk about Drumfish Productions second series NEVERMINDS that much. Mainly because we still were developing it. But now that we're worked out a lot of the kinks, I figured I'd explain it a bit.
NEVERMINDS came about after I attended the Pittsburgh Comic Con for the first time in 2004 and met Jamie Fay. Jamie showed me his art and I was definitely impressed. We chatted a bit and Jamie asked if I accepted fan art for SENTINELS. The following year, after chatting a few times through e-mail, Jamie showed me a pin-up he did for SENTINELS. I was blown away, it was awesome and I put it in Sentinels Book 3: Echoes. I liked his art so much that I asked him if he wanted to work on a project together. We bounced ideas back and forth for a while until finally we found something we could both agree on.
As we started to develop NEVERMINDS, we both got a little distracted with other things and had to set it aside for a bit. Then earlier this year, Jamie moved to NYC and we've started getting NEVERMINDS back on track.
For this series I only had three things I insisted on:
1) This would not be a superhero book. I want to branch out and do something new and after spending so much time in the SENTINELS universe. I needed a break.
2) This series would focus more on one character. I really want to challenge myself and try to fully develop a character and not depend on a team book element.
and lastly,
3) We had to call the series NEVERMINDS. lol. I don't remember how I thought of that name, but I really liked it and had ideas about it. It'll all make sense once the book is out. Plus Jamie came up with a kickass logo!
So, with those rules established, we developed the main character of NEVERMINDS, Alanis Monroe. In my mind she's totally different than any of the characters in SENTINELS and I'm excited to write about her. Anyone who's read my work know I like to write about strong women and Alanis is definietly that. We've developed a core group of people around her and established the that the series would be more supernatural and vertigo-ish.
We aiming to have something out by April in time for the NYC Con and the Pittsburgh Comic Con. It's going to be a tight schedule but I think we can do it. More preview art coming soon!


Jamie said...

hey rich! its jamie. i can't wait to get this project going!!! i'd be soooo cool!!

Rich B. said...

Me too! I think you're art is really going to shine on this.