Friday, November 30, 2007


One of the first members created for SENTINELS was Harlette. I knew I wanted a tough, take-no-crap female character on the team and when I first sketched out Harlette I knew she fit the bill. What I didn't know was how much I'd enjoy writing her. Of all the characters in SENTINELS, I'd have to say she had my voice the most. The comments she would make just came naturally and I miss writing her.

When Luciano came on board as the artist on SENTINELS he used my original designs for reference. On some of them I told him who I was thinking of when I drew them (like actors or actresses or friends) and on some of them I just let me do his own thing. The funny thing with Harlette is that when I first drew her I based her on a guy! I wanted each of the characters to have their own look. Different weight, height, race, etc. So, when I first saw Luciano's rendition of her, I was happy she looked less feminine then the other female members of the team. It wouldn't be until later that I told Luciano this and he told me he drew her that way on purpose.

Like many of the other members of SENTINELS, Harlette changed a lot throughout the series and I really enjoyed her arc. Her relationship with Sin changed her and that can be seen in her appearance. She became more feminine. She grew out her hair, dressed differently and even stopped smoking. Then she came back full circle in her appearance, but she couldn't deny that her attitude had changed and eventually she realized she was no longer the person she used to be.

With the SENTINELS Anthology I wanted to have someone do something unexpected with Harlette. Something I wouldn't have thought of or done. Juan Milanese and Charles Holbert Jr. have done just that! I know I keep saying this, but I was blown away by their collaboration. I can't wait to show their work. They did Harlette proud!


jamie said...

harlette is anothe fav of mine!!!

Rich B. said...

And you draw her really well! I think there are two pics of her in the Sentinels gallery on the website by you. :)