Thursday, November 22, 2007


Philip Clark is the writer for the Firebomb story in the SENTINELS Anthology. I first met Philip at the Big Apple Con in 2003. It was the first comic convention I ever attended selling SENTINELS. Being there for the first time was a mixture of excited and fear. I had no idea what I was getting into. But up walked Philip with a big smile and a friendly hello welcoming me and asking about my book. Philip was at the convention selling his own comic, QUANTUM: ROCK OF AGES, along with artist James Rodriguez. Philip and I hit it off immediately and became friends. Over the next few years I've learned a lot from Philip about self-publishing and the comic industry. One of the best things about Philip is he's always helping and supporting other Indy creators and sharing infrmation with them. It's something I hope to do too.

When the NYC Comic Con began in 2006, Philip and I were among the first to sign up and knew we wanted to do something different for the convention. We banned together and got some other Indy creators (Crazee Comics and CAG) to start the Indy After Party. We wanted it to be a cool place for creators to met and hangout after the con and not feel left out because they didn't get invited to one of the big industry parties. Our doors were open to everyone. It was a big success and most of that was due to Philip.

So, when the SENTINELS Anthology began I knew I wanted Philip to be a part of it. Following the story of QUANTUM, I knew Philip was capable of writing any of the SENTINELS characters. But I was especially happy that he wanted to write Firebomb because I already knew Jamie Fay would be drawing her. Philip and Jamie's collaboration is perfect match as you can see from some of the preview art. They're both good friends of mine and now they've gotten to work together and create an awesome story.

Philip Clark recently married and relocated to California with his wife Christie. (Love that red-headed woman!) And even though he's no longer a New Yorker, Philip still has his groove and continues to play his music on the west coast. You can listen to some of his music at .

And be sure to check out QUANTUM: ROCK OF AGES at I even had the pleasure of inking the latest issue (#7).

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