Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The next few posts will focus on the characters and creators involved in the SENTINELS Anthology.

The first Anthology story focuses on Firebomb and is written by Philip Clark and drawn by Jamie Fay.

When I first created SENTINELS, I knew I wanted a powerful female counterpart to Templar. Someone who would appear to be weak and grow as the series evolved to show they were his equal. Then there was also the baby aspect and the fact that her powers would change and become the childs', leaving her powerless. I also knew I wanted someone hot!

Of all the characters in SENTINELS, Firebomb has definitely changed the most and has one of the biggest followings. I have to admit I was a little shocked by it all. Even though I intended to have her evolve, I didn't think it would work out the way it did. And I didn't think readers would enjoy it so much. Sammy was just one of those characters that took on a life of her own.

My favorite arc of her story had to be in Book 3: Echoes, when she took the Templar costume and went off in search of her lover. That wasn't totally planned and was one of those things that just happened and worked out brillantly. It was the moment she moved out of the shadows and into her own. It was also when I think her character clicked with both Luciano and I. Luciano even commented once that it wasn't until then, and also after seeing Jamie's pinup of Firebomb, that he felt he got her. If you follow her look throughout the series you can see a major change in her look and behavior.

So, when we decided we were going to do the Anthology, it was a no-brainer who I wanted to work on this character. Philip Clark and Jamie Fay have been two of Firebomb's supporters since the beginning and the story they've done shows how much they like the character. I'm extremely proud of their work and look forward to seeing it printed.


Jamie said...

I'm completely honored to be part of this and to be drawinfg firebomb! i love how sammy evolved throughout the series and i'm glad that my art helped make her what you guys wanted!!! i can't wait to see this book published and see my art among all the rest of the great artist!!!!

Rich B. said...

I wouldn't have let anyone else draw Firebomb's story, Jamie. I think your art is really going to shine in the Anthology! Thanks for being a part of this.

jamie said...

no problem! thank you!