Thursday, September 17, 2015


I first noticed Maja Cronvall’s work on DeviantArt and was immediately impressed by her art style. I honestly think she has a fresh and unique take on characters and adds a distinctive feel to her work. I can’t really describe the way her work makes me feel because sometimes I’d consider it heavily based in the Horror genre world and at other times, I can see a complexity of softness in her work. It all makes for a great dynamic. It’s also what made me want to have her involved in the second SENTINELS Anthology!
Maja drew Wickkid’s story in the Anthology and I believe she said it was her first sequential work! You’d never know it though, because Maja’s portrayal of Wickkid is dead-on and adds a sort of moody feel to him. Which is PERFECT for the character! I also have to say she has great color sense and used just the right color palette for this story.
A native of Sweden, Maja is also an amazing cosplayer! Seriously, you have to see the work she puts into her different cosplays and how she transforms into an almost unrecognizable person. It’s crazy!! But totally in a good way, lol.
Maja has also created many indie characters of her own that you can see on her DeviantArt page. I really hope she publishes a comic of her own about these characters soon, because they are very, very cool! Check them out for yourself at

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