Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I thought the best way to start the spotlights on the creators involved in the second SENTINELS Anthology was by order of appearance within the book. The first story is drawn by very talented, Stephane De Caneva and even though I spotlighted him last year, I'm going to do so again and re-introduce you all to Stephane!
An artist from Marseille, France, I first saw Stephane's work on DeviantArt. I was immediately impressed with his amazing linework and we were honored when he entered our second Drumfish Art Contest on DeviantArt, not once, but three times!! And his entry of Samanya from NEVERMINDS was the first place winner of that contest! 
I knew that I had to work with Stephane and get him involved with the Anthology somehow. Luckily, Jamie Fay had just turned in the story he wrote for the book that focused on Gospel and we both thought of Stephane. If there was any SENTINEL that Stephane would have been best suited for, it was Gospel. Once you see the pages, you’ll know what I mean, but his linework is soft and detailed and creates a very angelic environment. Stephane draws characters that have a feeling of movement within the panels of the page. It’s really a unique style that is complimented by Danielle Alexis St. Pierre’s colors and perfect for the story Jamie wrote.

As if all those great artistic qualities weren’t enough, Stephane is the ultimate professional, delivering work on time, the right size/format and without any alterations needed. I don’t know why Marvel and/or DC haven’t snatched him up, but I believe they will soon! For the moment though, in addition to the 10-page Gospel story in the SENTINELS Anthology, you can see Stephane’s work in the comic Metropolis published (in French) by Delcourt. Do yourself a favor and check out more of Stephane’s work on his website at or on his DeviantArt page at

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