Sunday, September 27, 2015


Next up in our SENTINELS Anthology #2 creator spotlight is Gene Kelly! Gene is a web developer and comic creator from the midwest, where he lives with his wife and daughters. He loves making comics, learning new things, building websites and plays a mean bass! I first saw Gene's work on DeviantArt a few years ago. What I loved immediately about his art was how clean and crisp it was. His linework is really precise and he know sthe art of inking which many artists seem to forget. And then I saw his comic, Rocket and Bounce! I was impressed with the concept and story and how it was a great all-ages comic.
So, when it came time to find artists for the Anthology, I knew I wanted to get Gene involved. I was honored with his enthusiasm and contribution to the book. He was one of the first artists to turn their work in and it's been sooooo long now since he's completed his story on Beatdown (written by Al Dorantes), that I'm afraid he might have even forgotten that he drew it! lol. I hope not though because it's beautifully drawn. 
Earlier this year, Gene (along with his wife and best friend) launched his first ever app! It's called "Where's my Goblin?"and is a all-ages matching game! It full of fun graphics and interesting characters. I hope it becomes a huge success! Check it out at any of the following links below and also be sure to look at Gene's website!

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