Friday, September 25, 2015


One of the interesting things about the second SENTINELS Anthology is that it spans generations not only with story and characters, but also with creators! Alex Sine was in grade school when SENTINELS began and now she's starting her first year of college! Yes, that makes me feel super old, lol, but I'm extremely proud to have her contribute Cascade's story within the SENTINELS Anthology. Watching Alex's love of art develop throughout the years has a pleasure. From her fist cartoon sketch to fully rendered animation, it's been amazing to see her grow.
Alex brings a youthful perspective to her story and her art is graphically striking. She is also able to give her characters very expressive faces that allow you to connect with them. I think readers will find her story on Cascade very fitting and special.
And even though she's related to me, I can honestly say I see success in her future! Please check out more of Alex's art at

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