Monday, September 28, 2015


Next up on the SENTINELS Anthology #2 Spotlight is the ever amazing Danielle Alexis St. Pierre! Anyone who follows Drumfish Productions' NEVERMINDS title, knows how talented Danielle is! From the moment she joined our creative team, Danielle has been a key in making NEVERMINDS looks so beautiful. As colorist on the book, Danielle helps create the look and feel of the NEVERMINDS universe. Her colors shape the mood of every scene and give depth to the characters while complimenting Jamie Fay's linework perfectly. I often say how I'm extremely lucky to work with such incredible artists and Danielle is absolutely one of those creators I'm referring to. At any moment I expect her to tell us she is working for Marvel or DC now! 
And it's not just her coloring that I'm talking about, it's her pencil and ink work too. It's been a pleasure to watch Danielle grow and challenge herself as an artist over the last few years. And it hasn't always been easy for her, but you would never hear her complain about how hard she works. Recently, she teamed up with her husband and best friend, Nathan St. Pierre, to begin their own publishing company, Odd19 Studios. There, Danielle is the artist on Sins of Omniscience and Limited Immunity. 
When it came time to gather creators for the second SENTINELS Anthology, there was never any doubt that I wanted Danielle involved. The only question was - how much she could do! Fortunately, she found time to not only draw Ignite's story in the SENTINELS Anthology, but also color Gospel's story over Stephane De Caneva's linework. Both final products are a visual delight and show off Danielle's coloring and linework perfectly. I can't say enough great things about Danielle's work and I hope you will all take a few minutes to see exactly what I mean by checking out her website at

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