Friday, September 25, 2015


I met Andrew Charipar at one of the first New York Comic Cons when he visited my table and gave me a copy of the first Tales From The Cornerstone trade! I was instantly impressed with his work and loved the book. Andrew is a drawing machine with a wicked sense of humor (though I'm sure his children, Ayla and Michael, will disagree because I doubt they find him as funny. But Andrew is one of my favorite Indie creators and we quickly became friends. I was such a fan of his work that I asked him to draw one of the stories in the first SENTINELS Anthology before I even had something for him to draw!

Flash-forward years later and once again Andrew is contributing to the SENTINELS world with Psyched's one page story that he wrote and drew. The great thing about having so many incredible creators work on a project, is how diverse the work is. Psyched's spotlight is unique and lighthearted, which is exactly what I was hoping for.
There's also a little added bonus in Andrew's story as it feature the first published appearance of a certain "Hero" that Andrew created along with children (the burden and son mentioned above!) who will be the star of his next book! I had the pleasure of reading the first two chapters and it's an exciting all-ages story.
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