Thursday, September 10, 2015


The next creator involved in the second SENTINELS Anthology is someone who can be blamed, I mean, is responsible for introducing me to Luciano Vecchio! That’s right, without Marcus Mebes, the creative team for SENTINELS would never would have met.  So, depending on your opinion, lol, you can either thank him or send hate mail. But in all seriousness, I owe a great deal of gratitude to Marcus for introducing me to one of my best friends and collaborators, Luciano.
So, when it came time to gather people together for the Anthology, I knew I wanted to involve Marcus. And it wasn’t just because he introduced Luciano and I; it was because Marcus is also a talented and experienced writer (who draws too!). I was impressed with the volume of material Marcus has written, from many different Oz related stories and prose to his own book, Rats. He publishes long-lost books and new stories under his Pumpernickel Pickle imprint at
Marcus happily agreed to write Heartache’s story for the Anthology and even though it’s a short story, he definitely put a lot of thought into it and wrote much more than I was able to fit it. Marcus understands characters and is able to add just the right touch to make you connect with them quickly. And when you see the art by Penny Gaylord and Gabriel Cassatta, for his story, you’ll see how great a team they make! And when Marcus isn’t writing, you can find him at the gym at insane hours of the night or morning pumping iron! Thanks for being involved in the Anthology, Marcus!  

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